What is a Google Tour?

Using Google’s cutting edge Street View technology, a Google virtual tour brings the interior of your business space to life for your customers, with a premium-quality, 365-degree virtual tour. Available from any internet device, the visitors to your website or through any other Google platform will have access to a comprehensive, virtual tour of your business.

How will a Google Tour benefit my business?

Google Tours provide your business with the unique opportunity to capture your audience, engage with current and potential customers, leverage effective marketing efforts, and showcase your brand, product and/or identity. By boosting your web presence, offering your customer an added bonus, and sharing the interior of your space with new visitors, you are setting yourself apart from the competition while reinforcing your commitment to quality showmanship.

How long before my Google Tour is live on Google Maps?

Our estimated time frame for your Google Tour to be live on Google Maps from the time of the shoot is 2-3 weeks.

How long will it take to shoot the pictures of my business? Will I need to close?

No, you do no have to close your business to have your Google indoor Street View shot. Our team of experienced, Google Certified Photographers will work with you to ensure that business flow is not interrupted during shooting.

Will I be able to use the photos taken for other business purposes?

Yes! One of the added benefits of a Google indoor Street View is the collection is the collection of photos that you will gain once completed. The high-quality photos will be yours to use in any future marketing efforts, to display on your website, or to share via social media outlets.

Why should I choose D3Corp to shoot my Google Tour?

D3Corp is a trusted member of the business community, serving over 2100 clients to provide creative, reliable, affordable and trusted web solutions that work. Furthermore, D3Corp has a talented team of Google Certified Photographers that  possess the passion, training, and experience to showcase the best of your business.

What types of business can/should have Google Tours?

Any type of business will benefit from having Google indoor Street View: restaurants, real estate firms, resort properties, gyms, yoga/Pilates studios, spas and salons, wedding venues, concert venues, offices, theaters, museums and more!


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